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AUDI’ART DUB team skills: Authors-Adapters, Artistic Directors, Sound Engineers Dubbing and Post-Synchronization for Feature Films and TV Specials in the heart of Paris

For your project we offer our full range of creative services and know-how. Our staff are at your service, but we also welcome clients who prefer to use members of their own team. For each and every step in the dubbing process AUDI’ART DUB will work closely with producers, distributors and TV channels.


  • Recording: two studios (70m2 + 40m2) :
    • Protools HD2, C24 Digidesign RME MICSTASY.
    • Classical and digital rythmo bands (Mosaic)
    • Microphones : Neumann U87, DPA 4006, AKG C480b
  • Sound mixing: two control rooms assigned to TV and film premixes :
    • Protools HD5, Icon DControl and DCommand Plugin wave, Altiverb, Flux, Sonnox...
    • Video projection in SD, HD, 2D and 3D.
  • 4 control rooms assigned to sound design and editing
  • 1 sound effects auditorium
  • Video Post Production facilities
  • Watermarking solution: Civolution
  • Secure digital delivery servers: Aspera Enterprise, Digidelivery

Post-production studio and facilities, Feature films, Animated films, TV series, Cartoons,  Documentaries