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Dubbing & Automated Dialogue Replacement

AUDI’ART DUB: Additional dialogue recording, automatic dialogue replacement, post-sync, and dubbing

AUDI’ART DUB provides professional dubbing and post-synchronisation services for all types of audiovisual content: feature films, animation, TV series, corporate and advertising. Since its creation in 2001, our Paris-based dubbing studio has delivered many major TV channels, including dubbing for such prestigious series as Downton Abbey, Vikings and Parks and Recreation.

Thanks to our complete range of services, we handle all stages of the dubbing process and we manage your needs from order to delivery:

  • detection and adaptation - using our pool of full-time writers-adaptors, with the addition of freelancers when necessary
  • voice casting
  • artistic direction
  • recording
  • sound effects, sound mixing, audio post-production
  • encoding to file and secure delivery
  • management of all financial and contractual requirements regarding actors.

To optimize the service it provides to its clients, AUDI’ART DUB strives to match all specific requirements with the best available talent. The combination of our technical facilities, the teamwork undertaken by our artistic directors, our adaptors, actors and sound engineers guarantees the best end-product and one that will match your expectations.